Sunday, March 22, 2015

Montreal School Run By Alleged Al Qaeda Agent to Remain Open

Gotta love that die-versity, eh?:
MONTREAL — A community college says it has no choice but to let alleged al-Qaida sleeper agent Adil Charkaoui re-open his suspended qur'anic Montreal school after determining it had no legal grounds to shut it down. 
One of the five Maisonneuve college students suspected of joining the Islamic State had enrolled in two workshops Charkaoui ran in the school building. 
Maisonneuve college announced last month that it had suspended its contract with Charkaoui after his program's website had links to extremist sites and at least one film.
Morocco-born Charkaoui, who recently became a Canadian citizen, denies he radicalized anyone, and he's threatened to sue the east-end school. 
At a news conference on Thursday morning, the community college said that after consulting lawyers and the RCMP, it determined that it had to respect its contract with Charkaoui until June...

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