Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Climate Change" Gasbag David Suzuki to Call for "Revolution" During Toronto Public Library-Sponsored Lecture

I love my local TPL branch, but stuff like this makes me nuts:
Drawing on his own experiences, Dr. David Suzuki challenges us to live with courage, conviction and passion as we learn from the past and look confidently to a sustainable future.
In a lecture inspired by letters to his own grandchildren, the revered geneticist, environmentalist and activist explains why feminism is important, why it is dangerous to deny our biological nature and why First Nations must lead a revolution.
A "revolution," eh, Dave? I guess we can count on you to be first in line to give up your many lavish, energy-guzzling homes and go "Native," right?

No doubt about it: Old hippies never die. They just call for more "revolution."

Update: I'm not sure if Dave is really a "feminist," but he does seem to be awfully fond of young women.

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Rob said...

Suzuki is such an embarrassment (he knows as much about climate change as the average newscaster, less than nothing) but the bodyguard thing is cool - he noticed people don't get aggressive around them.