Saturday, March 21, 2015

Opiner in Copenhagen Rag Blames Newspapers Exercising "Free Speech" (and Offending Muslims) for Inciting Jihadi Violence

Our "hate" is the cause of their hate, he claims:
Biggest catalyst
The media must exercise its freedom. Freedom of expression gives them the right to choose what to publish and what not to publish. By intentionally insulting Islam time and again, the media is insinuating that they do not regard Muslims as part of their clientele. In any business, the customer is king; if newspapers believed that Muslims are part of their readership, they would not insist on offending them time and again, would they?  
To paraphrase Washington Post editor Paul Farhi, just as journalists choose not to publish pictures of soldiers killed in war, nudity and pornography, we can as well choose not to offend sections of our readership by not publishing humiliating caricatures of their prophet. It is a question of respect. To curb extremism, the drivers of radicalisation must be addressed: Islamaphobia and hostile foreign policy. Otherwise we are falling head-first into the evil circle of hate that produces hate.
The real "drivers of radicalization": Islam's core teachings of jihad and supremacism. A key part of those teachings: free speech is considered "blasphemy" and is therefore verboten. The chap who wrote the above bollocks is either entirely ignorant of Islamic dogma, or he's a useful idiot, or he's an entirely ignorant useful idiot.

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