Saturday, March 28, 2015

File This One Under "Jews Who Are Jewry's Worst Enemies": Loony-Lefty Israeli Writer Amoz Oz's Anti-Israel Film "Censored Voices" is One of This Year's Hot Docs

Hot Docs is an annual film festival devoted to documentaries from around the world. Perusing the paper version of this year's film catalogue, this one caught my eye:
The Six-Day War profoundly altered both the borders and the political climate of the Middle East. A victorious and euphoric Israel took control of Gaza, the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank and parts of the Golan Heights. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and Arabs were displaced, and the term “occupied territories” entered the lexicon. Seen by some as an egregious violation of international law—and the legitimate fulfillment of a religious covenant by others—the territories remain in bitter and politically charged dispute to this day. Weeks after the 1967 war's conclusion, authors Amos Oz and Avraham Shapira audio-taped interviews with dozens of Israeli soldiers. These tapes, heavily censored until now, reveal the men’s conflicted feelings in their new role as occupier. They muse over the meaning of Zionism and express regret over the brutal and dehumanizing realities of war. Director Mor Loushy reunites the aging soldiers with lost audio interviews, skillfully combining them with archival footage and historical context in this powerful and compelling narrative.
No doubt about it--war is hell. But so are the ideas of Mr. Oz, a man devoted to casting Israel in the worst light possible for its failure to "evolve" into the socialist Jewtopia of his fevered dreams. Sickeningly, almost a year ago Brandeis University gave Oz an honorary degree while rescinding the one it was going to give Ayaan Hirsi Ali:
Brandeis University gave an honorary degree to leftist writer Amos Oz who described religious Jews as “Hezbollah in a skullcap” 
In one speech, Oz described, “A small sect, a messianic sect, obtuse and cruel, emerged a few years ago from a dark corner of Judaism, and it is threatening to destroy all that is dear and sacred to us, to impose on us a wild and insane blood ritual… They are guilty of crimes against humanity.” 
In one of his essays, Oz wrote, “Israel could have become an exemplary state… a small scale laboratory for democratic socialism.” 
“Why didn’t Israel develop as the most egalitarian and creative social democratic society in the world? I would say that one of the major factors was the mass immigration of Holocaust survivors, Middle Eastern Jews and non-socialist and even anti-socialist Zionists.” 
“Then there were the masses of Orthodox Jews… to whom socialism meant blasphemy and atheism.” 
“As for the North African Jews,” Oz writes, they were “conservative, puritan, observant and family oriented and to some extent, chauvinistic, militaristic and xenophobic.” 
It goes without saying that Amos Oz is a repugnant human being and a vile bigot. But that didn’t stop Brandeis University from honoring him anyway. 
However Brandeis University gave in to pressure from terrorist-linked Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR and the Muslim Students Association to withdraw an honor from a courageous critic of Islam.
It goes without saying that Amos Oz is a repugnant human being and a vile bigot. But that didn't stop Hot Docs from showing his toxic doc anyway.

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