Monday, March 30, 2015

Word Is Out That Obama Is Going to Passover Israel

According to a story in the WaPo,
the Obama administration is getting ready to back a U.N. Security Council resolution that would, in his words, “mandate the solution to the questions Israelis and Palestinians have been unable to agree upon for decades, such as the future status of Jerusalem.” Why does this matter? If Israel rejects peace terms imposed on it by outsiders, the effort to turn the Jewish homeland into a pariah state will gain enormous ground. This is a consequence that the president must fully understand. If Obama’s champions are to be believed, he is a subtle strategic thinker with a deep understanding of history. So no, his efforts to radically remake our relationship with Israel isn’t a reflection of ignorance or a lack of familiarity with the basics of the conflict. If the president chooses to pursue this dangerous course, let no American who values our alliance with Israel, or for that matter our national honor, ever forget it. 
And let no Jew forget that Obama is the latest in a long line of Jewry's enemies, only one of whom was Pharaoh. 

Update: Melanie Phillips doesn't think Obama will be allowed to get away with it. She says
the American people remain overwhelmingly supportive of Israel. This is largely because of the great mass of biblically-faithful Christians, for whom the Jews and the state of Israel are indeed God's beloved people (albeit to be converted at the end of days) and promised land.  
Beyond these Christians, most Americans believe Israel represents their values and serves as the front line of their defence. More profoundly, they identify with Israel because they feel America is also a special and blessed land with a mission to the world. For sure, this support is now under attack. Jewish students are running the gauntlet of anti-Israel aggression on US campuses. The coverage of Israel by the New York Times is a breathtaking display of sustained journalistic malice and distortion. 
Despite all this, those who want to destroy the US /Israel relationship face an obstacle. For the real "Israel lobby" is not America's tiny Jewish community. It is America itself. 
I agree, but Obama seems to know how to ignore/bypass/get around what Americans want and do his own thing (so to speak).

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