Saturday, March 21, 2015

John Kerry's Assertion That "Stakes are High" In Iran Nuke Talks Lacks Clarity, Specificity

Please allow me to provide some.

 How "high" are "the stakes"?

They are sky-high (see below):

Update: As always, Dr. K. "gets it" (unlike old stone face and his suck-up of a boss).

Update: From a Beeb report:
Sticking points in the talks are thought to include the pace at which sanctions would be lifted, how long the deal will last and how much of Iran's nuclear facilities will be open to inspection.
How much? Shouldn't they all be open to inspectors? And if Iran refuses to open them all, shouldn't that be--now, what do experienced, savvy diplomats call it again?; oh, yeah--a deal-breaker?

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