Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Designed to Make You Hurl--Obama Factotum's Wrap-Up to ZINO* J Streeters

In his peroration to a J Street gathering, Obama's Chief of Staff Dennis McDonough just couldn't resist citing the phrase that makes lefty Jews feel warm 'n' fuzzy 'n' hyper-virtuous:
The challenges I’ve described today aren’t easy—but they aren’t impossible either. As Jewish congregations across the country prayed on Saturday—and I won’t attempt the Hebrew here—He who makes peace in His high places, He shall make peace upon us, and upon all of Israel. But it’s not enough for us to just hope for peace in our world; it’s up to us to make it happen. In my Catholic tradition, when I think about the work ahead of us, I remember the words of St. Augustine. “Pray as though everything depended on God,” he said, “work as though everything depended on you.” 
St. Augustine was speaking about the same responsibility that Jewish people know as tikkun olam – our shared duty to heal the world. The problems we face may seem overwhelming, but we push forward. Smart choices, a relentless determination—they can add up to progress. They add up to a world that’s more peaceful and more secure than it was before. 
That’s why we’re never going to give up on peace between Israelis and Palestinians. That’s why we’re going to give everything we’ve got to see if we can get a good nuclear deal with Iran. And that’s why our commitment to the security of the Israeli people will never waver.
To recap: Obama wants Israel to return to pre-Six Day War borders as a starting point for negotiations with Abbas (who's in bed with Hamas); believes "peace" between Israel and Palestinians is the key to Middle East stability; is getting set to sell Israel down the river in a horrible nuclear deal with Iran. But, hey, he and McDonough and all the little J Streeters just loooooove them their Israel, right?

Talks is cheap, and when Obama or one of his minions does it you can bank on it being utterly worthless.

*Zionist In Name Only

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