Sunday, November 13, 2016

ADL Offers Advice for American Jewish Snowflakes Traumatized By Trump Win

All I can say is,"OY VEY, Jews. Suck it up--and get a grip":
[In the wake of the Trump win] The ADL offers the following guidance:
Allow young people to express their feelings; answer questions; Be honest about your personal thoughts and feelings; remain positive and explain that there are a variety of ways to be an activist including countering bias, bullying and stereotyping; tell them you will protect and fight for them, and discuss and monitor what young people come across on social media and encourage connecting with others.
Jinnie Spiegler, the ADL’s director of curriculum, said, “We need to be sensitive to young people’s needs at a time when they have many questions and concerns about the future of our country and what that means to them.” 
Morton Klein, national president of the Zionist Organization of America, said the ADL’s materials are “anti-Trump” and “betray the cause of combating antisemitism.” 
Klein said the ADL is participating in “divisive fear-mongering, encouraging fighting against the president-elect and promoting activism, including demonstrations, against him — all while ignoring the fact that president-elect Trump has proclaimed he will be a president for all Americans.” 
“The Trump/Pence administration may well become the most pro-Israel administration in history,” Klein added. “[They have] pledged to take strong legislative and diplomatic actions to combat the antisemitic BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign. They pledged to have the Justice Department investigate the coordinated intimidation of Jewish students on college campuses, and to pressure the Palestinian Authority to stop promoting hatred and violence against Jews in their schools, media and speeches. It is painfully wrong for the ADL to undermine the Trump/Pence administration even before they’ve taken office.”
It is painfully wrong for the ADL to coddle the whiny.

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