Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Justin Trudeau: Just a Chip Off the Old Marxist Block

You can't really blame Justin Trudeau for viewing a brutal dictator through a leftist's rosy lens. After all, as the Toronto Sun's Lorne Gunter points out, Justin learned his Marxophilia from his dad and, says Gunter, "the tousle-haired acorn hasn't fallen far from the tyrant-admiring tree." Adds Gunter:
The senior Trudeau received rare permission from the Maoist government to tour China in 1960 at the height of the Great Leap Forward. Due to the forced collectivization of farms and the press-ganging of millions into unsafe factories, at least 30 million starved or were worked to death.
Pierre Trudeau must have seen the brutality, but his book on his travels mentions not a word. Instead, he praised Mao for the advancement his government had made in education and health care. 
Sound familiar?
Why, yes; yes it does. And it underscores the sad reality that, for the Trudeaus, père et fils, and for those impaired by the same worldview (including, it must be said, Barack Obama), individual human rights can be safely ignored at times when "the people" are in the process of building a collectivist Utopia.

Update: The only sort of Marxophilia that makes any sense at all:
Update: Howard Rotberg says, "Trudeau's values are not my values."

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