Friday, November 18, 2016

Phyllis Chesler on the "Diversity" Scam and How It Stifles Free Speech

As someone who teaches at a large North American university, she has first hand experience of the "scam" in action (hat tip: BS):
My seminar students at McGill University told me that you can't say anything at this university without being accused of being sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, fascist, or racist, and then being threatened with punitive measures. They felt silenced by the oppressive atmosphere of political correctness. Nothing significant — sex, religion, relationships, public policy, race, immigration, or multiculturalism — could be discussed. Only the acceptable opinions could be expressed without nasty repercussions. 
It is generally held today in the West, if not elsewhere, that diversity is a good thing. Diversity in origin, ethnicity, gender, race, and sexual preference is now regarded as not only desirable, but mandatory. Universities strive to increase their physical diversity. The currently accepted theory in Western academia is that physical diversity reflects diversity of experience and thus an enriching diversity of viewpoint. 
McGill's committee on diversity proposed that we no longer define excellence as intellectual achievement, but as diversity. Their view is that a university populated by folks of different colours or having different sexual preferences is by virtue of this diversity "excellent."  
However, among this excellent diversity, what is not encouraged or accepted is diversity of opinion. Only politically correct views are welcome...
In other words, folks of different colours, provenances and sexual preferences--all singing in unison from the identical song sheet: a superficial "diversity" that becomes a tool to keep a far more profound and crucial diversity (and a key factor in the mainentance of a free society) in check--the diversity of thought/opinion/ideas.

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