Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Usefully Idiotic Trudeau Government Thinks It Can Transform UNRWA Into Something That Upholds "Universal Values"

What fools these Lib'rals be:
Critics assailed the [Trudeau government] move to resume funding UNRWA, noting that it had repeatedly been linked to Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization, and that teachers and other UNRWA staff had been posting anti-Semitic material online, along with praise of Hitler and support for the Palestinian side in their conflict with Israel. 
In announcing the allocation, International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said, “Millions of Palestinian refugees across the Middle East have the right to receive basic services such as health care and to send their children to school. 
“We want to see Palestinian refugee children in classrooms where they can learn universal values of tolerance and respect. Vulnerable Palestinians deserve all the opportunities they can to contribute positively to their communities and Canada’s funding will help to better the lives of millions of refugees.” 
The allocation announcement included assurances from the government that it would include “robust oversight mechanism and an enhanced accountability network,” such as “screening of UNRWA staff, strong anti-terrorism provisions in the funding agreement and training of UNRWA employees on appropriate and neutral use of social media.”...
You mean UNRWA will now sever its connections to eliminationist Hamas and teach all the widdle kiddies "tikkun olam"?

How awesome!

And, more to the point, how utterly deranged!

Then again, you can understand wee Justin's confusion. Had UNRWA, arguably the UN's most pernicious body, been called something else--something that excluded the word "welfare," which is like catnip for Liberals, and that more accurately described its activities ("Hamas-Assisting Refugee Manipulators," or "HARM," say)--perhaps it would have been more difficult to justify this lamebrain and, yes, blatantly anti-Israel/anti-Jewish move.

On second thought, maybe not.

Update: Just dashed off this one to the CJN:
International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau says she wants "to see Palestinian refugee children in classrooms where they can learn universal values of tolerance and respect." If that's the case, it's even more difficult to understand why the Trudeau government would hand $25 million to UNRWA, which has close ties to the jihadi terrorist organization Hamas, and which is therefore as likely to educate Palestinian refugee children in "tikkun olam" as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is to sprout wings and a forehead horn. 
Then again, considering that UNRWA is arguably the United Nations' most despicable and pernicious agency--and that's saying something given the manifest Israel-hate of several other candidates, including UNESCO and the UN "human rights" body--I'd say a unicorn Trudeau is the far likelier prospect.

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Moe said...

It's interesting that the Liberals think there are "universal values", but no such thing as "Canadian values".