Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tucker Carlson Takes On Campus Flagophobia

It costs $66 Gs per annum to go to this college (where all they do is indoctrinate you in self-loathing via the racism/misogyny/Islamophobia/transphobia hogwash)?

You know how L. Ron Hubbard supposedly said that the best way to make and keep oodles of moolah was to start a religion?

Starting a liberal arts college seems like the next best way, don't you think?

Update: From Wikipedia:
The College is widely known for its alternative curriculum, socially liberal politics, focus on portfolios rather than distribution requirements, and reliance on narrative evaluations instead of grades and GPAs. In some fields, it is among the top undergraduate institutions in percentage of graduates who enroll in graduate school. Fifty-six percent of its alumni have at least one graduate degree and it is ranked 30th among all US colleges in the percentage of its graduates who go on to attain a doctorate degree (notably first among history doctorates).[3]
Dear Parents: you may as well take the money earmarked for this college's tuition and turn it into mulch. In fact, it's likely to do far more good fertilizing soil than young brains.

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