Thursday, November 17, 2016

How Does It Feel--To Give Bob Dylan a Nobel Prize for Literature, Only to Be Told He's Too Busy To Attend Your Snooty Ceremony?

Mark Steyn has come up with the "real" reason why Dylan won't be able to make the Nobel prize ceremony in Stockholm, which will have to go on without him: "There's a 'Golden Girls' rerun on Channel 173 he doesn't want to miss."

Now, there's a man (Dylan, I mean) who has his priorities straight!

In recognition of Dylan's righteous diss to the pompous Swedes, I wrote this:
Once upon a time their prize was fine,
Feted scribes with wine past their prime, didn't they?
People sob, say,
"Beware, Bob, they're Swedish snobs"--
You knew they were not kidding you.

They gave a prize, for sure,
To some who were so obscure.
Frans Sillanpaa--who's that?
Roger du Gard--never heard of the cat.
Ivo Andric, Giorgos Seferis--
Wrote stuff that no one reads.

How does it feel
To ignore their deeds?
The jealousy it breeds?
Like one who dissed the Swedes?...

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