Saturday, November 12, 2016

Toronto "Virtue" Mob Wants to Get In On the Anti-Trump Action (Even Though--Minor Detail--He Wasn't Elected Here)

Think of it as virtue signaling rum amuck (my bolds):
A large protest is being planned for Torontonians who are against U.S. president-elected Donald Trump. 
The Facebook event, titled Rally Against Trump, has over 1,175 people attending and 3,868 interested in the protest as of Saturday morning. 
“We will be gathering to peacefully protest Donald Trump’s legitimacy as US President and to demonstrate how his, and any hateful rhetoric is unacceptable today,” a post on the page explains. 
The event will start at Toronto City Hall at noon on Nov. 19 and protestors will march to the Trump International Hotel and Tower at Bay and Adelaide streets. 
“We as Canadians will help our neighbors by showing that misogyny, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, sexual assault, ableism, transphobia and violence are absolutely intolerable,” writes the event.
That's going to help?

I think not.

I think all it's going to do is make "protesters" feel good about themselves without eliciting the least bit of attention from our neighbours to the south.

Update: The only "phobia" I'm prepared to protest is triskaidekaphobia (because it discriminates against an inoffensive and defenseless integer).

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