Tuesday, November 15, 2016

And Today's Oxymoron Is...

"Muslim democracy." Daniel Greenfield says it's a crock:
Despite the disastrous lessons of the Arab Spring, I was one of the few conservatives to support both coups. It’s not only leftists who have learned nothing from the rise of Hamas, the Iranian takeover of Baghdad or any of the disastrous Arab Spring experiments in Muslim democracy. 
Far too few Republican leaders have come around to realizing that Muslim democracy, like open air submarines, is a contradiction in terms that just doesn’t work. Not only should we not support it. But we should oppose it and fight it at every turn because its ultimate outcome is a national security threat. 
Islam is innately anti-democratic. 
"Democracy is like a train: when you reach your destination, you get off,” Turkey’s Erdogan had said. 
More recently the leader of the regime that was once touted as a model of how Islam and democracy could coexist together has declared that democracy and freedom have no value. 
It’s obvious that they have no value to Erdogan. Islamists are not noted for valuing any kind of freedom. But much more significantly they have no value to much of the Turkish electorate whose idea of democracy is investing unlimited power in brutal Islamist thugs like Erdogan.
Actually, Islamists do value "freedom" as Islam understands it, i.e. the "freedom" to submit to Islam and hew to every last draconian detail of sharia law.

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