Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Oddly Enough, Justin Trudeau's Reaction to Castro's Demise Wasn't At All "Odd"

"Odd" is the word National Post opiner Kelly McParland uses to capture the tenor and content of Justin's post-demise praise for the brute. Here's the letter I sent in response:
Not only was Justin Trudeau's effusive praise for the odious Fidel Castro not "odd," as Kelly McParland characterizes it, in a way it was  actually most welcome. It finally revealed to the world that our prime minister is exactly what he appears to be--a nice-looking chap with a good head of hair and lots of silly, puerile notions bouncing around in what might be charitably described as a pinball machine of a brain. 
The icky romance with Canada's hunky prime minister may have finally expired--and hurray for that. Sadly, the same cannot be said of the Left's romance with Castro, which will endure long after Cubans' experience of their ruthless dictator is but a distant memory.

Update: "Spengler" crunches the numbers re the mass murderer's victims.

Update: Without intending to, the Washington Post outlines the part Fidel played in perverting the Israel-Palestinian "narrative" (positioning implacable Jew-hating Arab rejectionists/eliminationists/jihadis as secular "freedom fighters" dedicated to turning back the tide of Western imperialism). Here's the WaPo's positive spin on Castro's despicable intrusiveness:
Castro championed the Palestinian freedom struggle and became a friend of Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization. Cuba offered the Palestinians military aid, while Palestinian students could be found at universities in Cuba. 
“Cuba has always been a strong supporter of Palestinians in all realms: political, military, vocational training,” Mansour Tahboub, former acting director of the Arafat Foundation, recently told Al Jazeera. “The Cubans trained Palestinian cadres, and Fidel himself was a staunch advocate of the Palestinian quest for freedom and independence.”
The Palestinians' quest for "freedom and independence" is perhaps best captured in their enduring "protest" chant: "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free."

Meaning that Palestine's "freedom" cannot come to pass until Israel, the Jewish state, has been wiped off the map and replaced--yes, replaced!--with a Judenrein "Palestine."

That's not a quest for freedom. That's genocide, plain and simple.

Update: Ultimately, Fidel's mischief-making in the Middle East helped pave the way for the horror that was became that festival of Jew-hate, the first Durban "human rights" conference.

Update: Ralph Peters says JT "has the intellectual heft of cotton candy" (h/t: MW). Which, while certainly amusing, is an insult to the far heftier spun sugar amusement park treat.

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