Thursday, November 17, 2016

Phyllis Chesler Blasts Stupid Lefty Jews and Their Stupid Lefty "Outreach"

Echoing that old protest song, she asks, "when will they ever learn?":
And so, the American Jewish Committee has chosen the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) to launch a “Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council.” Many distinguished (liberal) Jewish names have signed on but the Muslim signatories are not  exactly their counterparts. 
Only (liberal) Jews “reach out” to understand the Other. Only (liberal) Jews “reach out” to appease the Other. 
Only (liberal) Jews in America—who have just lost their fabled access to the White House, are making common cause, not with Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists or with secular humanists in America, but with the very religion in whose name Jews and other infidels are being slaughtered right now in Israel and world-wide, including in America; the very religion whose record on human rights, women’s rights, and gay rights leaves everything to be desired; the very religion in whose name a Holy War is being waged against both Muslims and infidels—and against Western civilization. 
To the best of my knowledge, these Muslim signatories have not disavowed Jihad or proudly and loudly supported Israel as other Muslim-Americans have done. These liberal Jews have not signed up our most prominent religious Muslim-American reformers such as Dr. Zuhdi Jasser,  Ali Alyami  or Asra Nomani.  Further, I do not see the names of Muslim feminists or Muslim dissidents, who are apostates or secularists, such as Ibn Warraq or Ayaan HIrsi Ali. 
Frankly, I am tired of writing this again and again but clearly, it still needs to be said. 
This desire to “appear tolerant” and to build bridges must be based on real, not imagined commonalities. Jewish history and values could not be more different than Islamic history and historical Islamic values.  
Contrary to Sandy Bergman, the Co-Chair of the Council, the two communities do not "share much in common.” 
Jewish-Americans are, by definition, left-liberals. Muslim-Americans—a lot less so...
When will they ever learn? Maybe when apes and pigs (as Jews are "affectionately" referred to in Islam's core text) learn to fly?

Update: But wait, there's more:
The Anti-Defamation League is also planning to increase its efforts to provide support for legal and legislative aspects of the fight against anti-Muslim bigotry. In addition, Jerusalem’s Shalom Hartman Institute’s Muslim Leadership Initiative (MLI), which educates young Muslim leaders about Judaism and Israel, held a retreat over the weekend titled “Living in Trump’s America: Muslim Vulnerability and Jewish Echoes.”

“What’s happened as a result of the poisonous atmosphere that Trump has created is that American Muslims are desperate for allies,” said Yossi Klein Halevi, the initiative co-director.

“And the argument that MLI has made to the Muslim community – which is that the Jews are, at least in theory, natural allies for embattled Muslims – now has become compelling.”

Since the election last week, multiple antisemitic and anti-Muslim incidents have been recorded throughout the country.
Going strictly by the stats, though, the odds are that the anti-Jew incidents outnumber the anti-Muslim incidents by a wide margin.

Also, going strictly by Muslim animus towards Jewry, the odds are that at least some of those anti-Jew incidents were/are being perpetrated by Muslims (whereas I highly doubt that Jews are behind many--or, indeed, any--anti-Muslim incidents).

Hey, maybe the Shalom Hartman Institute can help revise Islam's core texts so as to eliminate their inherent Jew-hate (thereby creating some mighty short books, quipped the wag).

Update: I Spend the Shabbat After Trump's Election With Muslim Leaders From Across the Nation

Well, that makes one of us.

I bet it hasn't occurred to this "there's unity in our mutual victimhood" Jew that he's being used.

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Moe said...

I heard a brief interview with Caroline Glick yesterday about her speech at U of Texas, Austin, being "cancelled". Et tu, Texas?
Anyway, she said the Anti-Defamation League used to be a Jewish group run by leftists; now it's a leftist group run by Jews.