Sunday, January 31, 2010

Airport Security Smoke and Mirrors

The Fifth Estate (the CBC's version of 60 Minutes) broadcast a hair-raising documentary the other night about the holes in airport security. Its conclusion: since we continue to depend on high-tech gadgetry instead of intelligence to keep explosive holy warriors off our aircraft, the holes are big enough to drive a 747 through. The rigamarole we're subjected to--the shoe removal, the pat downs, the body scanners revealing every nekkid nook and cranny--is nothing more than a simulacrum of security, and won't keep anyone safe. Until and unless security zooms in on individuals and not their paraphernalia, boarding a flight will be like playing a game of Russian roulette (only in this case you could call it Jihadi roulette)--you'll never know if this is the time the bullet (i.e. the jihadi) clicks into the chamber, and your lights get blown out forever.

Update: You knew if they were prepared to wear a bomb in their briefs and sacrifice their external bait 'n' tackle for Allah (knowing it would be restored to complete working order once they got to Paradise), they'd be willing to wear a bomb internally and eviscerate themselves and the unsuspecting infidels unfortunate enought to share their cabin space.

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