Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Love" and "Marriage" in the Magic Kingdom

Arab News reports that the Wahhabis' "human rights" outfit (giggle, chuckle, titter) is about to correct a grievous wrong--the marrying off of a pre-teen bride to a geriatric case hubby:
RIYADH: A source at the governmental Human Rights Commission informed Arab News on Saturday that the marriage official who authorized the marriage of a 12-year-old girl and an 80-year-old man will be suspended.
The HRC said the man officiated the marriage in Buraidah without the girl’s consent or even checking her age.

The official denied in a local newspaper that he violated any regulations and that he has not been provided any instructions on marrying girls of her age.

The case had stirred many concerns in the Saudi society, as the father of the 12-year-old girl married her off to his 80-year-old cousin in exchange for an SR85,000 dowry.

According to Al-Riyadh newspaper, the father claims he based his judgment on the child’s physical development and not her age. The girl’s mother was against the marriage, but had no say in the matter, according to the report.

Meanwhile, a court in Buraidah is looking into the annulment of the marriage. An announcement is reportedly to be made on Monday.
Meanwhile, sharia grants Muslim Daddy-O's the right to trade their daughters as if they were livestock. Meanwhile, assuming Great Grandpa could get it up (perhaps with pharmaceutical assistance), the bride is now damaged goods, and thus of no further use to her family.

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