Monday, January 25, 2010

Rice In Synch With Her Surroundings

Samantha Rice, the Obama flunky who represents the U.S. at the UN, gets a grilling in Claudia Rosett's blog. Rosett, a long-time UN observer who's less than impressed by its hijinks (to drastically understate it), quotes Richard Grenell, a former spokesman on the U.S. mission to the UN, on the M.I.A. Ms. Rice:
...[T]he main thrust of Grenell’s piece is that Rice herself, despite all her talk about the importance of the UN, has been largely awol from Turtle Bay. She commutes between her penthouse in New York’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and Washington, D.C. — where Grenell says she has the largest office and staff of any U.S. ambassador in UN history. She has been missing at many Security Council meetings on important issues, including some on Iran, as well as the recent vote to add more UN peacekeepers in Haiti. But she finds time to go “regularly” to White House social functions, including holiday parties and the White House Halloween Party, for which she dressed up in a Walt Disney “Goofy” costume.
I’m sure the Goofy costume was all in good fun, and Grenell says Rice is the life of the party. But his article might just leave you wondering if Americans would be better off with Goofy himself representing America at the UN.
Maybe so. In any case, a Goofy costume seems to be the perfect get up for both the Obama White House and the International House of Nutters.

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