Sunday, January 31, 2010

D.J.Harpoon's Latest Rap

Same old boring Siddiqui rap, repackaged, as per usual, with nary a trace of wit but plenty of venom. As a service to my readers, I've condensed his recent screeds and given them a beat: 

That Stephen Harper he got a hobby--
He takes his cues from the Iz'rel Lobby.
Those Jews so cruel to poor Palestinians--
He values all a their o-pin-i-ons.
Won't pay (no way) to fight for "rights".
Election time punch out his lights!
Else "social justice" be D.O.A.
And Joooos'll tell us what to say.
It's Tories, Jews, doin' all the hatin'.
Yo, don't believe me, ask my bro' Jack Layton...

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