Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rare Sighting in the Toronto Star

Harpoon Siddiqui's rag praises Israel (for the way it handles airport security)--an occurence as rare as Obama displaying humility. A Toronto Star reader, though, left this turd of a comment to remind us of the paper's demographic:
the myth of Ben Gurion

Once again, at Ben Gurion Airport it depends on your ethnic background whether you'll get to the departure lounge in 30 minutes or in 3 hours. Let's not make it the standard for airport security.
Damn right it depends on your "ethnic backgroud"--and for a very good reason. Israelis realized some time ago which "ethnicities" were trying to blow Jews to smithereens and, funny thing, Icelandic grannies and Tibetan yak-herds did not feature among them.

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