Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Helming a Muslim TV Station the "Root Cause" of Bad Behaviour?

In Buffalo, a "moderate" Muslim, the owner of an Islamic TV station, had his broadcasting career cut short when he chopped off his wife's head (never something that's going to look good on your C.V.). In the U.K., a "moderate" Muslim TV chief didn't behead anyone, but, reports the Guardian, he's in deep doo doo for something else--i.e. being a flaming jihadist (my bolds):

The head of the UK-based Islam Channel has been arrested in South Africa and faces deportation to Tunisia over terrorism charges.
Mohamed Ali Harrath, who has advised Scotland Yard on Islamic extremism, had been sought by Interpol and authorities in Tunisia over claims that he was linked to an alleged terror organisation in his homeland.

The Islam Channel said Harrath's arrest was a "direct result of the unlawful use" by the Tunisian government of the Interpol red notice system, the international police organisation's highest form of alert, and described it as part of an "established process of harassment and intimidation".

Harrath was held at Tambo airport after flying into South Africa from London on Sunday. His supporters blamed his arrest on a clampdown by South African authorities in the build-up to this summer's football World Cup, according to reports.

A free-to-air English-language service that also broadcasts in Africa, Asia and continental Europe, the Islam Channel is said to be watched by the majority of the two-million-plus Muslims in the UK...

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