Friday, January 29, 2010

Jennifer Lynch and the Invasion of the Rights Snatchers

One of my favorite sci-fi movies from the 1950s (remade in the 1970s, though I prefer the original) is Invasion of the Body Snatchers. A product of its times--its times being the Cold War--it took place in a small town and had to do with an invasion by aliens (who you never actually saw, as I recall). The aliens M.O. was that they killed real, live people, but not before growing pods of replicas to replace them. These "pod people" looked exactly like their originals, but, since they were not human but only plant-like facsimiles of humans, they had no minds or wills of their own. The movie was supposed to be a metaphor for what happened to people compelled to live under Communism (although there were those on the Left turned it on its head and made it a metaphor for America during the paranoid McCarthy "witch hunt" era).

Why bring up this old black and white flick? I do so because it occurs to me that we here in Canada have been invaded by rights snatchers--"human rights" Commissars who have taken away a genuine, valuable right--our right as free citizens of a free, Western society to speak freely, without fear of being reproached and punished by the state. That right has been replaced with a "pod" right, a facsimile of a right--the "right" not to be offended. Of course, that's not a real right at all but a bogus one, an excuse to censor us up the wazoo, supposedly for own good but really to make it easier for those inclined to do so (lefist ideologues, transnationalists and Islamists) push us around and make us submit.

How could such an invasion have taken place here in the true north stong and free? Easy. Most Canadians were minding their own business and going about their daily lives. They had no awareness of what was happening right under their noses--a vast "human rights" industry cropping up and compromising their freedom. And for the most part, they still don't know it's happened. Here's an experiment: see what happens when you tell an average Canadian that a "human rights" commission has the power to enter your home or place of work without warning or a warrant, rifle through your stuff, remove whatever they want and use it against you in a fake court in which you're presumed guilty and the truth is irrelevent. From experience I can tell you that what will happen is that the person or persons you're telling it to simply won't belive you. And, really, who can blame them? The whole thing is beyond comprehension.

But then, having your rights stolen out from under you--whether it's done by ayatollahs or fascists or Commissars--always beggars belief. And by the time most people have awakened to their new reality, power has been consolidated, and it's too late.

Is it too late for Canadians? Maybe. But not necessarily. There is still time to expose the rotten "human rights" apparatus for what it is, and to get Canadians riled up about the sleight of hand that has stolen their most valuable right, the right that makes and keeps them free, and put a worthless "pod" right in its place.

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Blazingcatfur said...

I call them Klepto-Kommissars now.