Monday, January 25, 2010

Soylent Green is People. By the Same Token, Hopeychange is the Road to Serfdom

Do not--I repeat--do not miss Roger Kimball's brilliant overview of the attempt to clawback individual liberty in the name of "humanitarianism" and "fairness" that's occurring right now under Americans' noses. Here's a brief taste to whet your appetite (for the overview, not Obama's statist agenda):
One of the most depressing things about all these government expropriations is the fact that they operate like a one-way ratchet undermining freedom and extending the control of the state. Once the government sinks its teeth into you, it is extremely difficult to wiggle free. The income tax and social security tax, we tend to forget, were both instituted as temporary, emergency measures. That’s why 1895 is one of my favorite years in U.S. history: in that banner year the Supreme Court ruled that the income tax was unconstitutional. Needless to say, the ruling didn’t last long.

Ultimately, I suspect, President Obama is ostentatiously committed to what he calls “health care reform” (“reform”?) not for medical but for political reasons. By appropriately another sixth of the U.S. economy, he will not help Americans live longer or lead healthier lives. But he will greatly extend the government’s prerogatives over the details of your life.

As Mark Steyn has observed, the hopeychangers want to gain control over this whopping economic sector not because of their desire to insure the uninsured (the McGuffin they're using to justify their ruse). They want to gain control because, once they do, it's a "game changer," and Big Government (which will, ipso facto, be a leftist government) will be enshrined permanently.

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