Sunday, January 24, 2010

Send in the Chicks

If you were an al Qaeda strategist and you wanted the infidels to continue resorting to ever more fruitless, expensive and time-consuming airport security measures, especially ones that entailed scrutinizing everyone and not "profiling" those in the most explosive demographic, what do you suppose your next move would be? Well, as I was standing in line waiting to get felt up (and down) prior to boarding a plane recently, I happened to notice the women standing directly behind me. She was a rather chubby, somewhat blousy women, sixtyish, and about as white bread as it gets. Hmm, thought I to myself. I wouldn't be at all surprised if the Big Kaboomers tried to recruit chicks like her--because no one would be expecting anyone in her demographic to go and ignite her knickers (or anything else) for Allah. And whadya know? Today I read this, and it's like someone in the terrorism biz was reading my mind.

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