Thursday, January 28, 2010

A 'Fiasco'? A Fixer-Upper, More Like

Harpoon Siddiqui is splenetic because the Harper government "remains silent" about putting the kibosh on a federally-funded NGO siphoning cash to Israel's enemies--a situation Siddiqui calls "a fiasco":

Me? I'm splenetic about Harpoon's spleen. My letter:

Rights and Democracy, a government-funded NGO has been handing over oodles of taxpayer cash to those who promote an anti-Israel agenda--in the name of “human rights,” of course (because, alas, that’s gerenally how it’s done these days--witness Durbans I and II and the UN’s ironically-named “human rights” council). Realizing the situation is both counterproductive to the cause of democracy and an egregious misuse of our money, the Harper government takes steps to correct it.

The “fiasco,” as Haroon Siddiqui calls it, isn’t the Harper correction. It’s the fact that Rights and Democracy was handed carte blanche to aid and abet the anti-Zionists for so long.

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