Thursday, January 28, 2010

Shrine to Victimhood Hijacked by Jew-Haters

I just received the following e-mail:

Dear friend,
As you have probably heard, the anti-Semites are "among us", urging their supporters to deny the specific inclusion of the Jewish Holocaust in the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights. I copy from a recent message:

Please note our petition at for a permanent Holocaust gallery at the future Canadian Museum for Human Rights. On January 26, 2010, we will be presenting the results of this petition to the Content Advisory Committee who will be presenting their recommendations to the Canadian government. We would greatly appreciate your signing the petition (if you have not already done so) and forwarding this information to as many people as possible from within your list of contacts...

Belle Millo
Chair, Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre
Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada

With all due respect to Belle Millo and the Freeman Family Foundation Holocaust Education Centre, I could see this one coming a mile off. See, the thing about "human rights" is that it has become the primary vehicle for bashing Israel, the world's only Jewish state. And one of the most heinous ways of getting at Israel is via Holocaust denial, the reasoning being, of course, no Holocaust, no Israel. So the Jews, who had hoped that reminding the world of the Holocaust--"Never Again!" and all that--would be the best way of preventing another genocide from occurring have had their hopes dashed. The harsh reality is that reminding the world about the Holocaust is not protecting the Jews of today. Neither, for that matter, is genuflecting before that falsest of deities, "human rights." It is evident to anyone brave enough to open his eyes that "human rights" has devolved into a cult of victimhood in whose pantheon the Palestinians and other Muslims, not the Jews, claim and are graciously accorded "most favoured victim" status.


Viking said...


The muslims like to paint themselves as victims despite having hammered at the gates of Europe for most of their imperialist existence, inventing the slave trade (but never having managed to ban it), and demanding apologies from every country that resisted their invasions for, er, booting them out (c.f Spain), and for the crusades - which they started.

If right-thinking people are not vigilant, Canada's shiny new museum will end up a shrine to "Palestinian suffering".

Unknown said...

How is it more valid that the museum become a shrine to "Jewish Suffering"? Is Jewish Suffering more important than Armenian Suffering, Haitian Suffering, Aboriginal Suffering, or Sudanese Suffering?

It never ceases to amaze me how Jews can whine about perceived anti-Semitism in one breath then denigrate another ethnic group, most notably Muslims or Arabs, in the next.

By all means, let's not deny the Holocaust. It happened, it should not have, and it should never happen again. By the same token, please don't insult the rest of us by pretending the neo-fascist actions of the state of Israel can be excused because of the Holocaust. This is like a child justifying the bullying of another by saying "well so-and-so did it to me first".

Come on Jews, bigotry is bigotry, regardless of who is casting aspersions.

Tim Johnston said...

Dear Merry

either you have not read the above post, or are unaware of the issues.

The only suffering-competition that is going on is the one launched by Muslim who seem to claim they represent -vicariously, through the Palestinians - the world's Most Wronged.

If we are to measure suffering in terms of stacked corpses - unless you suggest another way - then the many millions of Chinese, Russians and European Jews who perished needlessly during the 20th century have a right to be included in any such museum.

Muslims have endured no such suffering, unless one counts the Armenian and Kurdish genocides that took place under the watch of - other Muslims.

Just because many social-dems in Europe (and maybe Canada too?) have bought into a mindless pro-Palestinian ideology- part of their broader love affair with Islam- that does not mean the rest of us have to follow suit.

And, no, I am not Jewish.

Unknown said...

actually all that we ever hear about in this museum is the Holocaust gallery and yet it's the Jewish organizations ramping up a letter writing campaign to scare off anyone else being in the museum. it's time this museum started portraying ALL human rights, not just Jewish issues.

Unknown said...

Nancy, well said! I am in Winnipeg and that is a fact.

I absolutely read the post. The point is by insisting that any individual group's suffering should "featured" as a permanent exhibit in the museum, necessarily to the exclusion of others as floor space is finite and human suffering is not, one is engaging in racism, plain and simple.

If you want to know what racism looks like, before the museum opens its dedicated Holocaust exhibit, go look in a mirror.

Tim Johnston said...

Well, thanks for that.

But, I would point out that the poster is in NO WAY saying that other groups should not be included at the museum. Indeed it is written in response to those who would deny Jewish suffering.

For better or for worse, the Holocaust has become the historical landmark for how human suffering is understood in the modern world, no matter what criteria you choose to use.

Unknown said...


Beyond your obvious hatred of Muslims, you demonstrate an ignorance of how this idiotic “museum” got started.

It was originally conceived as a Holocaust Museum by the late, Canadian media mogul Israel “Izzy” Asper.

Using the family’s now bankrupt media empire to bully politicians into funding this abomination, to the tune of several hundred million dollars of taxpayer money from 3 levels of government, his daughter Gail picked up the torch and cleverly repackaged it as a “Human Rights” Museum, to make massive public funding palatable to Canadians.

Now, as the above “Jew Haters” bullshit demonstrates, Jewish organizations are trying to sneak their “Holocaust Museum” in through the back door, with the Canadian taxpayer footing the bill. Clearly, they are not above playing the anti-Semitism card to strike down any opposition. Clearly it plays well to the lunatic fringe.

Unknown said...

If right-thinking people are not vigilant…

Are you "right-thinking people"?

Are you sure?

You do a good job of helping Scaramouche dehumanize Muslims.

That's exactly how Hitler and the boys were able to get Germans fired up enough to begin the festivities on Kristallnacht. The media in Germany published hook-nosed caricatures of Jews that made it easy for people to think of them as something less than human. That is what led to the stacks of corpses you suggest should be used to judge whose suffering is worthy of inclusion in Canada's Museum for Human Wrongs.

Now Jews rationalize the dehumanization of Muslims while invoking the Holocaust to elevate themselves to a higher form of humanity than those they choose to denigrate. If it was even slightly humorous, if it was not so obviously the precursor to a new holocaust (lower case, because we're not referring to Jews), we could call this irony.

Let's absolutely spend half a billion fucking dollars on a shiny soapbox to preach to the world about human rights while real people, real human beings, rot in the streets of Port-au-Prince (sorry, perhaps you don't think black folks are human either).

All the while a bunch of rich, idiotic “visionaries” (not just Jews), who cannot see past the end of their own prodigious snouts, sip wine, nibble cheese, and yammer about building a fine piece of architectural art to house pictures of human suffering, pretending that will make the world a better place.

If that is right thinking, please count me among the wrong.

Tim Johnston said...

Wow, you must really hate Jews. At first I thought you must be a neo-nazi but, I apologise, the words you use reveal more of a liberal. Which is puzzling.

For the record I intensely dislike Islam (not Muslims)- every bit as much as I hate any violent, imperialistic and murderous cult - including Nazism and Communism - if not more so.

How is the suffering of Haiti a human-rights issue? earthquakes cannot be dragged to The Hague. I also mentioned two historical instances where great suffering was inflicted in the name of ideology, and suggest those be included in any "Museum of Human Rights".

Human Rights are a fundamental part of Western Civilisation, and they are worth shouting about. If a new museum represents a Keynesian stimulus to the economy - much better than bailing out banks I'm sure you'll agree - then good for it.

A right-thinking person in this instance is one who has a balanced view of human suffering, and how it can be prevented in so large a scale in the future.
The most fundamental Human Right is, possibly, the right to lives one's life without being hunted down, rounded up and sent off to "camps" because they don't fit the ideal laid down by the all-encompassing state.

Now, in spite of being a non-Jew, and a member of an ethnic group that withstood 800 years of colonisation, were I to build my own shrine to human suffering, I would still place the Holocaust centre stage.

What sorts of things would you rather see included, Merry?

Blazingcatfur said...

Merry do you have any clue to what side you have chosen? Are you aware the Islamist goal is the annihilation of the Jews? If you aren't aware of this I suggest you investigate the Hamas Charter.

I have run into idealogues like yourself many times, some are simply useful idiots like this deluded woman -

I don't include you among her number however, you express an inverted logic & viciousness that would make Der Sturmer proud. You are kidding no one.

Unknown said...


The point is a "Human Rights Museum" should not take sides. The UN has found both Hamas and Israel guilty of war crimes, yet something tells me Israel's crimes won't merit any mention. Is that your idea of balance?

Those who have nothing of substance to contribute always fall back to name calling. Clearly you are no exception.

Unknown said...

What's wrong, you Dicks don't want to play anymore?

Viking said:
"For the record I intensely dislike Islam (not Muslims)..."

Oh, so you only discriminate on the basis of religion. That makes it all better. If we substituted "Judaism" for "Islam" in your admission, you would be a "Jew Hater", by definition. Why don't you run along to the Sarah Palin rally and get your dose of intellect? At least you are a bigger man than "Blazing Cat Fur" -- you openly admit to bigotry, whereas your pal operates in stealth mode, hiding neo-fascism behind accusations of anti-Semitism.

As for you, "smoldering kitty", in response to your whine about Arabs openly wanting to destroy Israel that may well be so. The quotes below may provide some insight as to why.

Also, do idiots like you and Scaramouche think calling people "anti-Semites" and "Jew Haters" makes anyone like Jews more? You are even alienating Canadians, the most tolerant western democracy on Earth. Having insulted Turkey, it's now plain that none of its neighbors like Israel. Keep spreading that love.

"There is no such thing as a Palestinian."
-Golda Meir

"If I were a Palestinian, I would be a terrorist."
-Ehud Barak

"It is the duty of Israeli leaders to explain to public opinion, clearly and courageously, a certain number of facts that are forgotten with time. The first of these is that there is no Zionism, colonialization, or Jewish State without the eviction of the Arabs and the expropriation of their lands."
-Ariel Sharon, Israeli Foreign Minister, addressing a meeting of militants from the extreme right-wing Tsomet Party, Agence France Presse, November 15, 1998

[Message received loud and clear, Mr. Sharon]

"The Intifada is the Palestinian's people's war of national liberation. We [Israel] enthusiastically chose to become a colonialist society, ignoring international treaties, expropriating lands, transferring settlers from Israel to the Occupied Territories, engaging in theft and funding justification for all these activities... we [Israel] established an apartheid regime."
-Michael Ben-Yair, Attorney General of Israel, 1993-1996 (in Ha'aretz)

Tim Johnston said...

The day we can't discriminate between good and bad ideas is the day we stop being human. Having good judgement used to be a good thing!

And it's perfectly legal, and rational, to do so on the basis of religion - it's an ideology (like any other if secularists are to be believed) and should be judged as one.