Sunday, May 6, 2012

“Israel created a mega-prison, the biggest open prison in modern history, which keeps inmates for a crime they did not commit. Their only crime is being Palestinian”

Toronto Star in-house shill for Islam Harpoon Siddqui high-fives the zany, zesty Zionhass of extreme left Israeli academic Illan "Full of Crappé" Pappé.

For obvious reasons, the two are mui simpatico--and deserve to spend eternity somewhere very hot getting their gonads roasted and chatting amiably about Israel's manifold sins.

Update: My letter to the editor omitted the roasting gonads part:
In the long history of the Jewish people, there have always been Jews who, for whatever reason--fear, expediency, a desire to fit in with the non-Jewish collective--have done their utmost to trash their own kind. Sadly--no, tragically--Professor llan Pappe, whose contempt for Israel knows no bounds and has fueled a long and lucrative career, falls into that pathetic and most destructive category.

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