Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Can You Fight Jew-Hate/Zionhass By Adulterating Your Message With Au Courant Theories About "Bullying" and "Inclusivity"?

It's obvious that the Wiesenthalers--who have retrofitted a "tolerance" bus and plan to take it on the road--think you can. Me? I have serious doubts about it:
TORONTO — The Tour for Humanity, an ambitious project that can be compared to no other, will help the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies (FSWC) bring its message of tolerance, inclusivity, justice and human rights to millions of Ontarians.  
A “mobile tolerance education centre,” The Tour for Humanity, is a $1-million, retrofitted, 42-foot Fleetwood bus that has been re-engineered to accommodate a 32-seat theatre.  
This initiative, for which FSWC has raised $2.4 million, is designed to bring its educational programs beyond the Greater Toronto Area to the entire province of Ontario.  
FSWC president and CEO Avi Benlolo said that while his organization offers classes about tolerance and social justice issues at their Yonge Street offices, there are many people living outside of Toronto to whom the classes aren’t accessible.  
“We thought about building a museum in the hope that people would come. Drawing people from outlying areas is a difficult problem,” Benlolo said, adding that small Ontario communities including Stratford, St. Jacobs, Orangeville and Dundas are underserved when it comes to programming that promotes tolerance and inclusivity.  
“The question was, how can we really project our influence much further and get to more people? The answer seemed quite clear: we take our program to them.”  
The Tour for Humanity will travel from town to town to offer workshops for students, educators and law enforcement representatives on topics including the Holocaust, genocide, bullying, heroes and leadership....
Sounds to me like the Kielburgers on wheels--with a soup├žon of Shoah stuff.

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The Phantom said...

Since it's the WienerSmall centre, maybe they can get an Oscar Meyer Wienermobile to go on the road. Suits the subject matter. Anti-bullying in the same sentence with genocide? What a bunch of wieners.

Hey, maybe they can get Little Anthony to go with. He's not doing anything right now...