Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rouhani's Charm Offensive Met With Boos (and Shoes) in Iran

Iran's prez, who's been wildly successful at rebranding Ayatollahville--it's gone from "intransigent" to "amenable" in no time flat--has received mixed reviews back in Crazy Town:
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has been met by hardline protesters chanting "Death to America" on his return from the UN forum in New York. 
During his trip, President Rouhani had suggested a shift in tone on Iran's controversial nuclear programme.  
This culminated in a phone call with US President Barack Obama - the first such top-level conversation in 30 years. 
Hundreds of people gathered at Tehran airport, with supporters hailing the trip and opponents throwing shoes...
No worries. His ability to con and beguile the West's infidels--first and foremost among them, Barack Obama--remains, yes, a shoe-in. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Update: They threw eggs, too. (Could it be that Obama has come up with a Machiavellian strategy--make kissy-face with Rouhani and thereby spark a civil war that will ultimately bring regime change to Tehran? I doubt it. More likely, Obama is completely sincere when he says he has no desire to effect regime change. If change does indeed come about, it won't be because of Obama's purposefulness. It will happen as it did in Egypt, where, as a direct result of Obama's Cairo speech, the Muslim Brotherhood had its greatest triumph, but the military ended up taking charge. In other words, events will unfold despite Obama.)

Update: The silly WaPo puts a positive spin on the shoe-throwing and egg-hurling.

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