Thursday, September 19, 2013

Toronto Star Reader Condemns Geller-Spencer Blasphemy

Here's the original letter:
Thank you for publishing Ihsaan Gardee’s opinion piece on anti-Muslim hate and its acceptability in the wake of 9/11. Indeed, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are coming to foster sectarian tensions in a peaceful Canada and that should violate everyone’s standards and sensibilities. Why is our federal government silent? 
Sadat Anwar, Toronto
Here's my corrected version:
How dumb are you for publishing the opinion piece by Ihsaan Gardee, head of the Muslim Brotherhood proxy formerly known as CAIR-CAN? The piece called for Geller and Spencer to be silenced, because who needs infidels like them to spill the beans about Islamic supremacism and an allegedly peaceful religion's built in animus toward non-Muslims? Such truth-telling violates Islam's prohibitions re blasphemy, and is thus in keeping with every freedom-lover's standards and sensibilities. And since free speech is the linchpin of free Western nations such as Canada--the freedom which engenders and ensures our way of life--our federal government's "silence" on the subject makes perfect sense.
Much better, no? (BTW, do you think "Sadat Anwar"--which, reversed, is the name of the Egyptian who made peace with Israel, and who was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood because he did--is this writer's real name? Maybe it is. Then again, maybe it's the entity formerly known as CAIR-CAN's idea of a joke.)

Sadat, Anwar.

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mrzee said...

It wouldn't surprise me if the name was fake. Many years ago the Star published a few letters by someone calling himself Yeshu Hanotzri, hebrew for Jesus Christ.

I wrote them suggesting they hang on to the originals, they might be valuable someday :-)