Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Little Footbaths on the Prairie: Sharia Makes Inroads In Saskatchewan Thanks to Useful Idiocy of an Evangelical Leader

This evangelical, a graduate of the David Cameron/Baruch Frydman-Kohl School of Useful Idiocy, high-fives the "accommodation":
An evangelical leader in Canada has expressed his approval of a Saskatchewan academic institute adding footbaths to a building on their campus for the benefit of Muslim students. 
Recently the University of Regina added footbaths at the Riddell Centre building to have an on-campus facility for Muslims to ceremonially wash themselves before praying. 
Bruce Clemenger, president of The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, told The Christian Post that Regina's move was "a good example" of how to properly accommodate Muslim students. 
"It is important, where possible, to accommodate the specific religious observance needs of students," said Clemenger. 
"It also shows that the university affirms that deep religious belief and university studies are not incompatible. This is good news for students of all faiths." 
Clemenger also told CP that unlike in the United States, in his country there "is no legal barrier to accommodation." 
"In Canada there is no separation-of-church-and-state doctrine in our Canadian constitution, and there is no legal barrier to public facilities to be used for religious purposes, or accommodations being afforded religious groups," said Clemenger. 
"Campus associations of various faiths, including Christian clubs, are able to meet on campuses, to hold events, book rooms etc." 
Earlier this year, the University of Regina installed two foot baths in the Riddell Centre's restrooms for the benefit of the campus 700-plus Muslim students. 
The total cost for the baths was approximately $35,000 and the "official opening" for the footbaths will be held early next month, as reported by the Canadian publication Metro News...
Official opening? What are they going to do--officially cut the footbaths' paper hygiene strips?

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