Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cash-Strapped TDSB Agrees to Cockamamie Solar Panel/Roof Repair Scheme

No reason why this shouldn't work, right?
You'll soon see workers on the roofs of many Toronto District School Board schools.

It's part of a new project that is kicking off this fall, that will lead to new roofs at as many as 32 schools.

Toronto District School Board spokesperson Ryan Bird says the work is going to begin shortly, and will see solar panels put up on roofs at a handful of schools.

An agreement with School Top Solar Limited Partnership, will mean the TDSB will get money from the arrangement. Money that can then be used to repair or replace school roofs.

It's called the Solar Schools Project and eventually will pay for the repair or replacement of 4.3 million square feet of roofs.

The plan is expected to take 3 years to fully roll out.

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