Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Problem With Multiculturalism: You Have to Suck Up to Folks Who DON'T Share Your "Values"

In the wake of ISNA Canada losing its charitable status after a lengthy investigation revealed that it was funding jihad, Justin Trudeau uses a tu quoque argument to justify his visit to IC headquarters a couple of months  back. (This Daniel Proussalidis report is in the paper version of the Toronto Sun; I have yet to find it online.):
OTTAWA - Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he says no regrets about delivering a speech to a group that saw its charitable status revokes over its connection to Islamist terrorism.
"Part of my job is to speak with as many Canadians as possible and out and talk to people about the kinds of shared values we have," Trudeau said Monday in Halifax...
Here's the tu quoque part:
Instead of running from ISNA's controversial connections, Trudeau took a jab at Employment Minister Jason Kenney.
"Whether it's me speaking there of Jason Kenney having spoken there a number of times, for me (it's about) the support that we need to give as politicians to making sure that Canadian of all different backgrounds of all different religions understand that they are part of our shared country and our shared future," Trudeau said.
Dear Justin: what kind of "shared future" can you have with people who envision a future consisting of a global caliphate? I'll tell you what kind: a future of sharia and dhimmitude.

It was a bad idea for the Conservatives' Jason Kenney to try to ingratiate himself with these Islamists, and his doing so in no way excuses Trudeau for repeating Kenney's error.

Or does wee Justin believe that two wrongs do make a right?

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