Thursday, September 26, 2013

Harpoon Hearts Rouhani

The Toronto Star's in-house cheerleader for The Religion of Peace pens yet another pro-Rouhani piece. Back in June, Harpoon went into raptures over Iran's new prez. Today he insists that Rouhani is someone we--meaning we gullible Canucks--"can do business with."

I'm sorry. I don't for a minute buy the Grandiose Ayatollah's latest strategy--sending out his emissary as a sort of anti-A-jad to smile at the infidels and utter honeyed words about the Nazi 'crime'. All the while, of course, the nuclear enrichment for the atomic weapons that will make the Shias the strongest horse in Islam's stable and that would allow them to perpetrate a second Shoah continues apace.

If anything, that's even more diabolical than A-jad's a-world-sans Zionism palaver; at least the previous president was up front about his desire to eliminate the Jewish "tumor" from the pristinely Islamic landscape.

Update: It appears I've been too hard on Rouhani. In fact, the honey in question was poured by CNN in a mistranslation of Rouhani's actual language, which was in line with his predecessor's asperity and the true beliefs of the regime he serves.

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