Monday, September 30, 2013

Obamacare "Exchanges" Dementia: The (Tiny) Numbers Don't Add Up

Obama has upended the ship of state so that every last American (of whom there are more that 319 million) can have access to "affordable" heath care. Given that, you would think that tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people will soon be signing up for health insurance listed on Obamacare "exchanges." In the following exchange, though, the actual number is revealed to be mega-puny:
SARAH KLIFF: It’s actually a very small group of Americans. The White House expects that about seven million people will buy insurance on these new exchanges where people who don’t have insurance right now can go and compare plans and potentially purchase an option. The people who are not affected are people who get insurance right now through their employer or people who are on Medicare or Medicaid or number of other government programs.
HARI SREENIVASAN: And that’s the vast majority of Americans?
SARAH KLIFF:  It is. We’re actually talking about a pretty small segment of the population for all the debate we’re having here in Washington. At their height the budget forecasters estimate that about seven percent of Americans will use these exchanges. So we’re talking about a sliver of the American population.
He turned the country upside down for seven million people? No wonder his middle name is a homophone for "Who's Sane?"


Unknown said...

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scaramouche said...

Thanks, Will.