Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How Will We Know If Rouhani Is Scamming Us at the UN?

Israel's Intelligence Minister tell us what to look for:
“I will tell you what would be a serious speech,” he said, “The rhetoric will be different, that we know, but rhetoric is far from being enough or sufficient. Let’s wait and see if there will be something different in the substance.” 
“I will say that there is a real change in the Iranian attitude on the nuclear issue if Rouhani tomorrow will make one of the following declarations or better all of them,” he continued. “Either that he will stop enrichment totally, or that he will shift the already enriched material from 3% and beyond outside Iran, or that he will dismantle (the nuclear facility near) Qom and stop the building of (the heavy water reactor in) Arak. If he will do this or at least declare that Iran is going to do at least one of these immediately, this is a different attitude.” 
“If he will avoid any such declaration then it is just a show, it’s just rhetoric but no substantial change,” he added.

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