Monday, October 28, 2013

A Speedy Victory for Toronto Mosque Mural Assured Courtesy Gullible Infidel Officials and Disingenuous "Experts"

There's a mural painted on the outside of a Toronto mosque--and paid for with city funds no less--that quotes a famous line from the Koran. The line, and mural, read (in Arabic): "Help from Allah (is near) and a speedy victory (is assured)." Don't worry, though. This message, which seems to be a call for the faithful to wage jihad, and which continues to inspire holy warriors around the world, can be interpreted in a number of ways.

Who sez so? Why, one of those wonderfully helpful "experts," of course:
Tarek Fatah, a Toronto Sun columnist and founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress, complained about the mural to Councillor Paula Fletcher, sparking the review by city officials.
[Toronto City Manager Joe] Pennachetti wrote to Fatah on Friday, saying that the city’s office of Equity, Diversity and Human Rights was involved in the review and that the mural’s creator and Islamic law expert Anver Emon, a professor at University of Toronto, were consulted.
“We are satisfied with the responses that have been provided during our preliminary inquiries into your concerns and do not believe that the mural is contrary to City policy or Canadian law,” writes Pennachetti.
“There are various ways by which to determine what these words mean,” wrote Emon in his assessment of the mural. “Can they be made to valorize militancy? Sure. Can they be a source of comfort for people suffering economic hardship as they struggle to feed their children? Sure.”
Is Joe Pennachetti one of those "useful idiots"? Sure. 

Is the head of Toronto's office of Equity, Diversity and Human Rights a Zion-loathing Islamist named Uzma Shakir? Sure.

Oh, and Islamic law expert Anver Emon--he claims that those dhimmi rules are subject to interpretation, too, and he interprets them as being "tolerant" and "pluralistic." Which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about his pro-sharia worldview.

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