Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Canada Sucks Says Canada's Pre-Emiment Feminist Legal Historian

Of course, she didn't use those exact words, but it's implicit in her comments:
OTTAWA — It can be sad work in some ways, says Constance Backhouse, to uncover historical discrimination against women and racial minorities and dispel myths that Canadians hold about the country’s past.
“We have such a lovely sentiment — Canadians think of ourselves as a nation of fair people, promoting equality and diversity and multiculturalism, and in fact when you probe down into our history, you see some pretty bad laws, really bad governments, people who were really discriminatory against women, against racial minorities, against gays and lesbians, against people with disabilities. There was a wide gamut in which Canadians are very blameworthy,” said Backhouse, a University of Ottawa law professor who is considered Canada’s pre-eminent feminist legal historian...
The reason she's very busy uncovering historical discrimination is because in the equity/diversity/multishmulti-mad Canada of today there isn't any discrimination to speak of. For leftists, though, that doesn't matter. Nor does it matter that we've come so far since those bad old days. What matters is that once upon a time there was lots of discrimination, and we must all hang our heads in shame in perpetuity because of it.

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