Wednesday, October 23, 2013

ZINOs Like Kathleen Peratis Want to Punish Israel Via BDS--For Its Own Good, of Course

All of this makes sense if one is a ZINO--Zionist in name only:
In a rational world, you’d think that the BDSers would have finally thrown in the towel. But the reverse is true. In fact, they’ve just added a new voice to their nefarious campaign in the form of a Jewish lawyer who describes herself as a Zionist and who thinks that quarantining the Jewish state is compatible with Zionism. 
The woman in question is Kathleen Peratis, a founder of J Street, the leftist group that poses as a pro-Israel organization. In 2011, though, even J Street felt obliged to distance itself from Peratis, after she visited Gaza and met with Hamas leaders, showing off rather pathetically in a piece for The Nation that she’d ticked off these terrorist murderers over their contempt for women’s rights. 
Now, still calling herself a Zionist, Peratis has come out in favor of BDS. Writing on the Open Zion blog, Peratis gushes that BDS is a “non-violent tool.” From the comfort of her New York law office, Peratis declares, “[N]ot buying Sodastream or Gush Etzion wine is a start,” displaying her utter indifference towards the effect that boycotting these enterprises would have on the Palestinians who work for them. 
“BDS just makes Israelis feel that the world is against them, engenders a siege mentality and is therefore counterproductive,” Peratis observes. “But what has been gained by such deference? For how long do we have carrots only and no sticks?” 
So here we have a self-described Zionist arguing that she wants to take a stick to the Jewish state. In doing so, Peratis has not only embraced a strategy that was developed by 21st-century anti-Zionists whose explicit aim is to destroy Israel, but also by more classical, 20th-century anti-Semites, from the German Nazis to the Arab League, who presented boycotts of Jews as a first step towards destroying the global Jewish power of their demented fantasies. My guess is that Peratis knows very little of history, because if she did, and if she had any humility, she would recognize that this poisonous tactic cannot be separated from the poisonous worldview that grounds it.
My guess is that Peratis's real religion is leftism, and that her longing for Utopia has corroded her brain.

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