Thursday, October 24, 2013

Is That You, Karl?

In a letter published in the National Post, Salomon Benzimra detects a shadowy presence looming in the background as two Jews make their hyperventilated pitch to nab a "genocide" designation for Canada's First Nations:
Re: ‘The Brutal Truth Of History’ On First Nations’ Side, letters, Oct. 22; A Rude Dismissal of Canada’s Generosity, Rex Murphy, Oct. 19. 
Rex Murphy’s columns are always as clear as spring water in both substance and style. His latest column leaves no doubt as to the difference in today’s attitude toward the First Nations and that prevailing over a century ago. Yet, letter-writers Michael Dan, Bernie Farber and David Watts chose to remain frozen in the distant past, ignore the positive measures adopted by Canadian governments in recent decades, and unjustly portray Mr. Murphy’s factual observations as cynical, patronizing or an insult to history. 
Mr. Murphy clearly lays out the underlying “narrative” of the First Nations, which took hold in Caledonia and fuels the present violence. This narrative, anchored in the same Marxist discourse that launched the “Palestinian cause” in the 1970s, rests on the notions of “foreign settlers,” colonialism, racism and oppression.
Salomon Benzimra, Toronto.

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