Monday, October 28, 2013

"Where is the Suspect From? What is His Name?"

Dunno. Such questions are unasked and go unanswered in this and every other news report about a chap whose "suspicious" package (it wasn't a bomb per se but seemed to include the fixings for a bomb) shut down Montreal's airport yesterday.

Update: "The man has a criminal record. His past convictions are not related to terrorism." Good to know. But where is he from? What is his name?

Update: His name is Antony Piazza. Of course, that's not the name he was born with:
Piazza, born Houshang Nazemi, legally changed his name in 1986. 
His lawyer said that Piazza was sentenced to 10 years for drug trafficking in 1985, under his former name. 
No surprise, police are completely flummoxed by the former Houshang's antics:
"This is still a mystery for us. Why was he doing that?" he said. 
You got me, officer. I have a feeling, though, it has nada to do with anything Italian.

Update: Ex-Houshang's lawyer says his client "was holding the carry-on bag for someone else."

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