Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zion-Loather Alex Neve of Amnesty International Castigates Canada for Reaching Some Imaginary "Human Rights" Tipping Point

Man, is he ever steamed:
In his speech, given at Zion United Church as part of Amnesty’s second annual Saskatchewan Regional Conference, Neve issued a scathing indictment of Canada’s recent track record on human rights. 
He spoke of the unfolding situation with Omar Khadr. 
He spoke of Canada’s refusal to sign or ratify with the UN’s treaty to crack down on the illegal arms trade — a treaty the United States has signed. 
He spoke of the federal government’s continued resistance to instituting a “national action plan” responding to violence against indigenous women. 
“It’s almost as if the longer the list of authoritative voices calling for Canada to do this becomes, the more insistent and defiant we are that we will not do so,” he said. “(But) I am increasingly convinced we are reaching a tipping point on this.”
If Khadr-champion Neve thinks we're on the wrong track, we must be doing something right. Soon enough, though, once future former Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's in charge, all will revert to the way we were.

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