Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Satan the Zionist Reigns at York University!

When Blogwrath went to hear a speaker at York University yesterday, he saw an official-looking press release plastered all over the joint. Actually, it wasn't a genuine communiqué. It was a revolting piece of satirical Zionhass supposedly penned in homage to that great Jewish philanthropist, Satan. It reads, in part:
“Satan has donated $25 million to York University and is being celebrated at the Schulich School of Business with his name on the Donor’s List on Monday. 
“I was so pleased to see my good work being continued at York,” said Satan. “The administration’s outstanding efforts to exploit contract workers by introducing more teaching stream appointments, their investments in military corporations, their eradication of frivolous rights as free speech, and their unwavering support for Israeli apartheid are consistent with my vision as one of the world’s great philanthropists."
That's right. Hades' Big Kahuna is a filthy (rich) Jew who supports Israeli apartheid!

Who knew?

Of course, saying so isn't the least bit hateful, because it targets Zionists, not Jewry. And everyone in the know knows that Zionists are the quintessence of evil and, yes, Satanic, while those who oppose them are good and fair and brave and pure and true.

And any resemblance between that and Medieval Jew-hate/blood libel, or, for that matter, the sorts of things the Nazis said, is strictly coincidental. ;)

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