Saturday, October 26, 2013

During a Concert in Israel, Did Rihanna Change a Line in a Song to Show Solidarity With Palestinians?

CAMERA tries to get to the root of the issue:
Cyberspace has been abuzz in the aftermath of what the popular singer Rihanna said — or didn't say — during her concert in Israel two days ago. According to a story that spread online, catching the attention of both anti-Israel and pro-Israel web surfers, Rihanna replaced the lyrics “All I see is dollar signs” from her song “Pour it Up” with the words, “All I see is Palestine.” 
The pro-Palestinian gesture was carefully recorded by pro-Palestinian websites and blogs, accompanied by declarations  about how “it seems Rihanna's heart is in one place - Palestine.” But her wordplay was also noted by mainstream sites like Huffington Post and Buzzfeed
In no time at all, Rihanna was transformed into the latest heroine of the anti-Israel community, the great warrior against Israeli “apartheid”...
The truth is that she did not change the line, and the belief that it has been seems to be a function of Israeli-self loathing as exemplified by self-loathing lefty rag Haaretz.

Update: In other RiRi news, the singer got in trouble posing a fashion shoot outside an Abu Dhabi mosque. (I can't think why. She was wearing what looked like one of those ultra-modest burkini thingys.

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