Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quebec Women's Group Denounces "Honour Crimes"--Then Completely Undermines the Denunciation Via Mealy-Mouthed Political Correctness/Moral Equivalence

Sounds to moi like they need to do a bit more research into the matter:
Quebec's Council for the Status of Women says groups that deal with children and families should be given better tools on dealing with cultural differences and so-called 'honour' crimes. 
The Council studied 26 instances of honour crimes that have taken place in Canada since 1991, with the four murders of the Shafia women in 2009 being the worst case.
In fact it was the Shafia murders that prompted the provincial government to ask the Council to examine honour crimes and see what could be done to stop them.
The analysis says in many ways honour crimes are similar to conjugal violence, except that instead of just one person attempting to control a woman, with honour crimes members of an extended family can seek to exert control over a woman or girl.
Honour crimes can consist of confining a woman to her home, forcing her to wear certain clothing, arranged marriages, genital mutilation or murder.
"These violent acts are not exclusive to any one culture or religion," said the President of the Council on the Status of Women, Julie Miville-Dechene. "It wasn't that long ago that in Quebec underage and unmarried women were sent away from home if they got pregnant," and often forced to give up their children.
Maybe so, but they weren't freaking murdered by their dads and brothers to restore the family's honour. The fact that this chick can equate the two situations shows an unwillingness to deal with the real issues of power, control and female subjugation inherent in "honour" crimes. For starters, she and other Council members could read Phyllis Chesler on the subject

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