Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On the 10th Aniversary of Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer Explains Why His Website Is Still Needed

The anti-jihadist/exposer of the Islamist agenda writes:
Their Big Lie is designed to obscure the Islamic motivations behind jihad terror, and to disarm resistance to jihad and Islamic supremacism, by blaring the Big Lie everywhere.  But there is one thing they will not do and could not do even if they wanted to: they will not stop jihad terror attacks committed in the name of Islam. They will not stop people from waving Qur’ans and shouting “Allahu akbar” before cold-bloodedly murdering innocent people, including children. 
That is why their campaign, for all the money behind it, is doomed to fail: they will never be able to stop people from seeing that there is something violent, something supremacist, something that needs to be reformed and rejected from within Islam, but that Muslim organizations are dissembling about instead of confronting. Every day the truth comes out, somewhere, in the form of mangled bodies, terrified children, and horrified bystanders suddenly awakening to reality as they make their way on a ground slippery with blood. Every day people die not because of “Islamophobia,” but because of Islamic jihad. And every day, media and government elites cover for that jihad and do everything they can to shift the focus away from the real cause of the violence. 
That’s why Jihad Watch remains necessary.
Happy 10th, Robert! Any many, many more.

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