Friday, October 25, 2013

Coming Soon: An Order of Canada for John Greyson and Tarek Loubani?

It's not outside the realm of possibility. After all, Mohamed Azar Ali Khan has one, and he wrote this:
West Bank Palestinians and Gazans have been under occupation since 1967. There have been numerous negotiations. But Israel keeps violating both United Nations resolutions and international law. It continues to build illegal settlements. 
Half a million illegal Israeli settlers live in occupied territories, subsidized by the state; harassing Palestinians. They are protected by Israeli forces and roads have been built for their exclusive use. Israel is building a massive wall that goes well beyond the 1967 borders and grabs more of the already fractured Palestinian land. Palestinians are arrested at will of the Israeli army and detained indefinitely without charges. Numerous checkpoints control their movements disrupting their everyday lives. Gaza is kept under a strict siege. There is no evidence that the Likud government has any interest in a just peace. 
The U.S. response is to provide billions of dollars annually in military and economic aid and supply intelligence, diplomatic and other assistance that enables the Israelis to defy the UN, control the Palestinians and dictate to their neighbors. 
Israeli leaders are now threatening to attack Iran if it continues its nuclear program. The U.S. response is to assert that Israel has the right to do whatever it wants to ensure Israel’s security, and that the U.S. will support it fully. It is apparently within Israel discretion to determine who or what it sees as a threat. 
Specialists agree that even if Iran wishes to build nuclear weapons it won't have that capacity for at least one year. That said, Israel and the U.S. have the capability to down any missile or plane heading towards Israel. And there is no credible evidence that Israel faces a military threat from Iran or elsewhere. Nevertheless it is targeting Iranian scientists and may launch a full attack on Iran with U.S. weaponry...
Yesterday, in a Saudi Gazette article claiming that Canadian Muslims "live under a shadow," Khan had this to say:
The third factor is the Islamophobia among some of the media, politicians and academics. They are not interested in a rational dialogue. Their aim is to vilify Islam and portray Muslims as evil and a threat to Canada and to Western civilization. They propagate lies incessantly –that Islam orders Muslims to kill infidels (non-Muslims), that Muslims seek to impose Shariah on all Canadians, that Muslims immigrated to Canada to take control of the West, that Muslim organizations condone the attempted terror and that Muslim religious schools instill hatred of non-Muslims in gullible students.

Since 9/11 Islamophobes have worked overtime to blame Islam and all Muslims. They attribute the actions of a few Muslims attacks - which were universally condemned by Muslim scholars and leaders - not to their grievances over the killing, maiming and displacement of Muslims by the US and US-supported and financed attacks, but rather to Muslims’ jealousy and hatred of the West.

Canadians being an open-minded and friendly people, Canadian Islamophobes are having only limited success. So anti-Muslim speakers from the US, such as Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, leaders of the Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), come to Canada to spread their venom. They were denied entry by the United Kingdom. 
I repeat: the gentleman who is spreading such lies (Geller and Spencer are not anti-Muslim; they're pro-freedom and anti-jihad and sharia) and who, as a true believer, will not acknowledge the truth about his faith's jihad imperative, is the recipient of Canada's highest, most prestigious civilian honour.
John, Tarek, your O of Cs are a shoe-in!

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