Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Raheel Razza Is Fed Up With, Sickened By Muslims' Failure to Condemn the Jihadis' Evil

She writes:
The world is once again asking, “where are the moderate Muslim voices to counter the evil of ISIS and other terrorist organizations?” 
Let me respond by saying that I’m completely revolted by what’s happening in Iraq, Syria and the rest of the Arab world. I wish I could say the same for my larger community. When a recent documentary exposed the crimes perpetrated against women in many Muslim countries was released, so-called “moderate and progressive” Muslim women opposed the cause. 
I ask all Canadians to please stop asking where the moderate Muslims are. Our voices have been subsumed by the din of the mercenaries vying for power and hegemony in the Muslim world; we have become pawns in the games played by Saudi Arabia and Iran; we are shouted down by those who would lobby for political causes over human rights; and, most importantly, our communities still bask in the belief that all is well. 
I feel for her--I really do. But I refuse to stop asking the question--and, disheartened as she is, so should she.


Unknown said...

It's funny, I don't think the Muslims who riot in the streets of Western cities condemning Jews need the blessing of Saudi Arabia. How come the so-called "moderate" Muslims suddenly need the permission of Saudi Arabia to protest in the streets by the thousands against ISIS and other Islamic extremists?

scaramouche said...

Very true. It sounds like Razza has grown weary of being the voice of moderation and may be looking for an excuse to cut and run.